You're Not Crazy

you're just awakening

A life-changing 14-Week Online Course To Get Empowered, Clarify Your Purpose and Rise into Leadership!

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Attention awakening souls ready to shift feelings of confusion and self doubt into clarity, confidence and freedom!

Transform your “problems” into New Earth "Superpowers"!

You’re Not Crazy, You’re Just Awakening

with Ascension Integration Mentor, Anistara Ma Ka 
offers the keys to unlocking your inner leader!

BECOME the Luminary you are called to be!

During this course you will:

Transform self doubt into confident leadership.

Shift feelings of unworthiness into sacred power.​

Feel seen, heard and supported.

Discover how to be more fulfilled!

Is this the perfect match?

You may feel stuck
because you:

Are anxious that change will be challenging.

Tend to put other people’s needs first.

Are afraid that others won’t accept who you are becoming.

Are so busy already, you feel you don’t have time to pursue your dreams.

This program is for you
if you are a:

Lightworker tired of dimming to fit in.

Visionary that wants to stop playing small.

Mentor ready for a life upgrade.

Starseed ready to fulfill their mission.

Now is the time to be bold and transform your life!

The longer you wait to say YES to yourself, you may:

Continue doubting yourself and play small.

Allow fear of the unknown to dictate who you are.

Continue to feel lost, lonely and unsupported for years to come.

If you wait any longer…

Your chronic self abandonment could make you no longer trust yourself.

You may let down yourself and those you serve.

You could become depleted, exhausted and overwhelmed.

Ready to get the support you deserve right now?

Book your Sacred Success Session With Anistara!

Imagine what would be possible if…

You were surrounded by a soul family that understands you!

Imagine if you were
empowered to...

Enjoy an extraordinary life that inspires others!

Stand in your sovereign power.

Feel on purpose, aligned with your heart.

Know you are BEcoming who you are meant to be!

Make an impact and leaving your legacy!

Create income sharing what you love!

You are a multidimensional being of light with a soul mission.
You came here, during this pivotal moment in humanity’s awakening and planetary ascension for a reason!

This program will help you overcome fear of change and step into your life’s purpose.

Join us to finally feel free to BE who you truly are!


You’re Not Crazy,
You’re Just Awakening

The Ultimate system to transform
self doubt into confidence now!

Take a Peek Inside
The Ascension Integration Technique

Portal 1: Receive Love

Discover the #1 way to transform disconnection into safety, belonging and support!

Transform inner critics into your biggest cheerleader with “The Embodied Love Method”.

Overcome feelings of disconnection with the “True Nature Practice”.

Shift feelings of loneliness into belonging with the “Connection Formula”.

Portal 2 : Discover Your Superpowers

Find the hidden treasures in your specific ascension symptoms!

Learn to celebrate your challenges as gifts with your “Symptoms to Superpowers Diary”.

Transmute your perceived problems into wisdom with “The Transmutation Template”.

Learn to boldly stand in your new strength with the “4 Keys to Empowerment”.

Portal 3 : Reclaim Your Sovereignty

Own your inner authority and discover your true worth!

Disentangle from collective wounds and ignite your healing with ‘The Divine Source Process’.

Learn to finally value your inherent worthiness with the “I SEE YOU Practice” so you never abandon yourself again.

Transform shame around any perceived ‘mess’ into realizing that it is part of your ‘message’.

Portal 4 : Resource Yourself

Learn 4 proven steps to create more space and time!

Create more time for your creativity and self care by with the “Timelessness Technique”.

Finally feel cool, calm and collected in any situation with the “Ultimate Guide to Regulation”.

Become a pro at setting bad ass boundaries with insider secrets to owning your sacred NO.

Let go of overwhelm and the need to do it all with “The Leadership Activation”.

Portal 5 : Live Your Bliss

Clarify your life purpose so you can finally make money doing what you love!

Begin living the fulfilling life you deserve with the “Discover Your Dharma Formula”.

Get the courage you need to follow your dreams with the “Calibrate Your Calling Ceremony”.

Get support staying aligned and accountable with the “Roadmap for Success Tracker”.

Portal 6 : Unleash Your Creative Muse

Design your own events, circles or retreats with this step by step blueprint!

Finally create the CommUNITY you crave so you can feel seen, heard and accepted.

Create your own profitable events with a step by step “Ceremonial Creatrix Template”.

Receive money and resources doing what you love with “The Abundance Codes Activation”.

Portal 7 : Create Freedom

How to become a New Earth Leader and live a fulfilling life anywhere in the world!

Stop playing small and rise up as a confident public speaker so you can get visible.

Transform the viral program that “something’s wrong with me” into the belief that “I am perfect just as I am” with the “Healthy Happy Whole Breakthrough”.

Rewire your subconscious mind to embrace your highest potential with the “Life of my Dreams Manifesto”.

It’s time to shine YOUR light and create the life you deserve!

Here’s What Clients Say

It’s time for you to live your highest timeline!

You’re Not Crazy, You’re Just Awakening

holds the keys to unlocking the next chapter of your life!

Nov. 21, 2023 - Feb. 27, 2024

Get nurturing support and fierce accountability! You don’t have to do it alone anymore. 
Go on a shared journey of awakening and enjoy liberation!
Let’s walk this path together!

If you are a healer, this program will support you as you help your clients.

Specifically for awakening souls, starseeds, lightworkers, aspiring mentors and future New Earth Leaders.

It is the level 1, foundational experience of "The Ascension Integration Technique".

Our upcoming level 2, will CERTIFY you as an official "ASCENSION INTEGRATION MENTOR". You can then make money teaching this modality!

What's included:

A light encoded tool kit with proved formulas to help you become the leader you were born to be!

7 Luminous Leaders Live Coaching Calls with Replays (value: $3,333)

3 Exclusive 1:1 Ascension Mentorship Sessions with Anistara (value: $1,444)

2 Community Activation Ceremonies (value: $888)

2 Mystic Masterminds with Special Guest Speakers (Value: $777)

The Ultimate Ascension Guide- an 80-page manual (value: $555)

Passionate Playsheets to Spark Your Awakening and Help Keep You Accountable (value: $444)

Program Progress Tracker (value: $222)

Accountability Buddy Calls (value: priceless)

VIP Online Community with your Program Peers (value: immeasurable)

And Get These Amazing


Unlock Anistara’s Ascension Vault of Awakening Resources (value: $999)

Exclusive Opportunity to Pre-Register for our Level Two Course: The Ascension Integration Mentor Certification. (discount of $1,111)

Exclusive Opportunity to Pre-Register for our 11.11 Ascension University Pilgrimage to Egypt 2024! (discount of $888)

Total Value: $10,661 $2,997

Enroll Today for Instant Access


First time special price of $2,997 register by midnight on 11/11.

Receive an EXTRA 1:1 Ascension Mentorship Session with Anistara!


Hold your spot with just a deposit of $444 by midnight on 11/11.

Plus 6 bi-weekly payments of $444.

Due to the level of personalized care, space is extremely limited!

Sign up now to guarantee your spot.

Our Commitment to Sacred Reciprocity…

When you register for this level one program we will provide 4 families clean drinking water for a year, by donating to “Charity: Water”!

A portion of your tuition will be donated to support Charity: Water and their mission. 

11.11 Ascension University has a goal of providing fresh drinking water to 111 families in need. 

Register now and you will help families with children receive the fresh water they need!

Dear Awakening Soul,

You are here to be a leader.

You deserve freedom and fulfillment. 
I’m here to help you launch into your new empowered self!

You’re Not Crazy, You’re Just Awakening is your key to success! As an aspiring New Earth Leader, you have the power to guide and support others. It’s time to overcome your own ‘problems’ and make them your ‘superpowers’!

Join us so you can unlock your highest potential.

Over the past 22 years I’ve helped over 55,000 people like you. My own challenges with depression, unworthiness and self doubt has helped me learn how to shift these feelings into empowered leadership, so I can help you do the same.

As the Founder of Holistic Hooping- I’ve been featured in numerous publications and media outlets and pioneered personal development modalities that transformed low self esteem to empowerment. I’ve helped tens of thousands of people step into their greatness, know their worth and inspire others.

Are you ready for the same breakthrough?

You are worthy of everything you desire. 
Yes, it is possible to live your dreams awake!

Now is the time to take immediate action.

See you soon inside You’re Not Crazy, You’re Just Awakening!

with so much love,

Anistara Ma Ka

Mother of 11.11 Unified
Ascension Integration Mentor

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t attend the live events?

Although it is highly encouraged that you attend the live classes, all REPLAYS will be accessible on your password protected program portal page.

How much time do I need to invest each week?

How much time you dedicate to your personal growth and empowerment is totally up to you. You will get out of it how much you put into it. Dedicating 3-4 hours a week will bring you the biggest breakthroughs!

Will this work for me even though I am just waking up and don’t know where to start?

YES- this program is meant for you! We will all meet you where you are on your path and guide you even closer to your highest timeline.

Will this work for me even though I've been awake for some time now?

YES- you may be well on your way to becoming a New Earth Leader, yet, having nurturing support and fierce accountability will help you excel and truly step into your leadership role.

Does this program give me the opportunity to have the Ascension Integration Mentor Certification and monetize your modality?

No, this is the level one program, that is a prerequisite for the level two, that will certify you as an Ascension Integration Mentor. Then you can monetize this work and make money being a mentor!

Are you ready to monetize what you learn?

You can make money sharing the Ascension Integration Technique with your clients and community.

Take this TWO FOR ONE OFFER to register for BOTH Level 1 & Level 2 RIGHT NOW!

$2997 + $8997= $11,994 Total $8,997

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