Joy Oasis

Our private home will become a beautiful, peaceful, rustic Private Redwood Retreat Center! Nestled on a sunny ridge above the mystical and magical redwood forest of Joy Road in Occidental, CA! This hobbit house and other unique structures sits amongst the stunning majesty of Mother Nature; home to hummingbirds, hawks, deer and fairies.

June Jubilee
SOULstice bEARTHday Weekend Campout

June 21 – 24, 2024

Joy Oasis Private Retreat Center
2211 Joy Road, Occidental, CA

Are you ready to celebrate Summer Solstice with your commUNITY?

Are you wanting some good 'ol fashion Festival Family fun?

Would you like time in nature with your friends and family?

Pack your bags and tent for this unique and delightful weekend camput!

It's that time of year gather with our families in the redwoods to celebrate life and one another!

Join us for a special weekend family campout for Summer Solstice and our Gemini/ Cancer bEARTHday friends!
Celebrating Kadence, Anistara, Ayala Talpai and more!
You are invited to Joy Oasis for fun in the sun, nature walk, workshops, music, meditation and DJ dance party!
Complete with kid’s birthday party and ice cream sundae food fight on Saturday afternoon!
Outdoor camping options: tent camping, car camping, limited RV camping spots.
Indoor sleeping arrangements: Gypsy Caravan, Barn Loft, Shop Loft, Warehouse Slumber Party Room, Master Room and Tower Room! Suggested Donation for each one- please let me know which one you are interested in.

More information to come!

Sliding Scale Donation for tent camping:

$33-66/ person

Please send Venmo to: Anistara1111

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About the Producers

The “Sovereign Super Sisters” is a collaboration of:

Our mission is to gather community together for our own awakening and our planetary ascension! Love is the central pillar of all of the events we co-create!

Joy Oasis Private Retreat

We are here to be in service to the commUNITY!
Envision what you want to co-create and let’s discover how we can weave together!

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Spa Day in Garden Bathroom

Slip into BLISS with a relaxing bubble bath, followed by a 2-hour Healing Session with Anistara (with tuning forks & essential oils), then an afternoon siesta!

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