Joy Oasis

Our private home will become a beautiful, peaceful, rustic Private Redwood Retreat Center! Nestled on a sunny ridge above the mystical and magical redwood forest of Joy Road in Occidental, CA! This hobbit house and other unique structures sits amongst the stunning majesty of Mother Nature; home to hummingbirds, hawks, deer and fairies.

Portal Priestess Mystery School One-Day Immersion

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Joy Oasis Retreat Center

2211 Joy Road

Occidental, CA

Are you willing to take a deep look at how you can begin to make huge shifts from this old paradigm programming?

Are you willing to move from an ordinary life to an extraordinary one?

Are you ready to look and feel more confident and radiant?

Are you ready to trust your inner knowing and allow your intuition to guide your life path?

Did you know that when you connect with your YONI (your own Sacred Portal of creation) and begin cultivating practices to deepen your connection with her, you can receive all of this?

Yoni teaches us to SLOW DOWN and listen. To stay in our feminine energy field, to flow with the cycles of life, to not ‘force’ anything, to not ‘should’ on ourselves and to just BE.

Knowing that we are supported by her, we can begin to more fully embody our femininity, our divinity, following our ‘divine design’ and intuition, while lighting ourselves UP & turning ON our radiance!

Connect with your sisters in a sacred circle. Feel seen and heard by your peers as we all support one another.

Reconnect with the source of your feminine power, to empower your life path.

Turn ON your (WO)MANinfestation powers, as you build an understanding of your unique “divine design” and the archetypes you hold. 

Receive the key codes given to us all by the “Sister of Honor”, as you witness a Sacred Portal (Yoni) Oracle Reading.

Create more alignment & synchronicity in your life, as you connect deeper to your sacred portal, the seat of your intuition.

OPEN to new forms of Creativity, as you explore what’s possible on this empowerment path.

Sliding Scale Donation for the event:

$77-$144/ person

Please send Venmo to: Anistara1111

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Our mission is to gather community together for our own awakening and our planetary ascension! Love is the central pillar of all of the events we co-create!

Joy Oasis Private Retreat

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