Seeding Our New Earth

Redwood Retreat


Join us for our exclusive, intimate, private

11.11 Unified Redwood Retreat

YOU are invited to an intentional campout in the majestic redwoods! 
Joy Oasis was Andrew’s childhood home and we are calling in our commUNITY to initiate our shared vision to co-create several community projects!

This beautiful and peaceful land is nestled on a ridge above the redwoods on Joy Road, in Occidental, CA.  It is a “diamond in the rough”; with unique, rustic, and full of potential buildings- ready for our energy infusion! 

After hosting 10 years of LIVE 11.11 gatherings and 2 years of hosting our VIRTUAL experience, we now hosting a ‘hybrid’ experience for our 13th annual 11.11!

Calling aligned commUNITY to spend 11.11 with us in our home, and celebrate our 16-year wedding anniversary!  Festival Family Friendly!

Close friends and family welcome anytime. For those who are new to our lives, please fill out the Participant Form (below), so we can be prepared for your arrival!

Come Seed our New Earth with us!

Your Redwood Retreat Includes:

Camping in Nature & Indoor Sleeping Spaces

Rest peacefully, surrounded by the sounds of nature, in the womb of our mother, within a majestic redwood forest. We also offer several indoor slumber party options!

Workshops ~ Meditation

Be inspired into action by our Awakened Leaders & Visionary Pioneers, during their workshops and presentations. Daily group meditations hosted in our sacred ceremony dome!

Sacred Movement
Music & Art

Let's join in the unified field of music and dance! inJOY daily movement classes and spontaneous dance moments, music jam, Saturday Night Dance Party & Sunday Ecstatic Dance!

Weekend Schedule:

11/10/22 THURSDAY ARRIVAL: to set up camp or move into your chosen sleeping arrangements.

11/11/22 FRIDAY:
11.11 Unified Virtual Experience WATCH PARTY!

11/11/22 FRIDAY: 12-1:30p.m.PST: Synchronized Global Meditation/ Global Coherence Pulse

11/12/22 SATURDAY:
In-person workshops, movement and music. DJ DANCE PARTY Sat. evening!

11/11/22 SATURDAY: 3p.m. 11.11 Unified Virtual Experience LIVESTREAM Closing Ceremony!

11/13/22 SUNDAY:
More workshops, afternoon ecstatic dance, fireside chats & talent show!

11/14/22 MONDAY:
Clean up and Departure.

Rain or Shine- we are gathering at Joy Oasis!

FYI- The majority of the event will be indoors. Playshops/Classes in our new Pacific Dome. Music and Tea Service in the Barn. Virtual Experience watch party in our yurt. Healing area in the Shop (with VibraBed Demos)!

Sleeping Arrangements
and Suggested Donation

Dear Local commUNITY- COME WHEN YOU CAN, AS YOU ARE. WE WOULD APPRECIATE HAVING YOU WITH US! If Anistara and Andrew personally handed you an invitation or texted you directly, Please just come.

*All other guests: below are the suggested donations for what is being offered. We are open to volunteer/work trade and others kinds of trades, please indicate where you would like to stay on the participant form and then let's work it out!

*All funds go to support our non-profit, Transdimensional Illumination “Co-Creating Multi-Dimensional Experience for our Awakening”!  And towards building our private commUNITY Retreat Center: Joy Oasis, meant to hold sacred space for YOUR future events/experiences! 

Gypsy Caravan

$333/double occupancy sleeps 2, experience the real gypsy life in this very unique and artisan crafted caravan built on a 1937 chevy truck.

Honeymoon Suite

$222/double occupancy
sleeps 2, private room upstairs in our yurt tower, this special room feels like a pirate ship state room in the Redwoods.

RV Camping

$222/ per RV
includes 2-4 people entry, 3 RV spots available (24 feet and under), no hookups .

Car Camping

$188/ per vehicle
Eleven available, includes 2-3 people entry, (relatively flat parking spaces for van, SUV or hatchback vehicles).

Slumber Party Room

$166/ double occupancy bed
4 full beds available, sleeps 2 each (dorm style, inside the warehouse, bring your own bedding).
No snoring please.

Shop Loft

$111/person/ pad
10 available sleeping pad spaces (the loft upstairs inside Andrew's shop, bring your own pad and bedding). No snoring please.

Partygoer loft

$99/person/ pad
4 sleeping pad spaces (right above the DJ booth in the barn, bring your own pad and bedding).

No snoring please.

Tent Camping

$77/person Please be aware that it is on a gentle slope, bring everything you need to camp. These are the closest tent spots to the event.

Creek Side Tent Camping

11 tent spots available, down a steep paved driveway from the event, relatively flat tent spots under the redwoods, bring everything you need to camp.

Any Day Pass

$33/person Suggested Donation
I am interested in only coming for one day/night.

Please note: your Redwood Retreat pass includes an Awakened Portal Pass, offering you VIP access to all of our
11.11 Unified Virtual Experience content, for 3 months, so that you can continue your information exploration at home. ($111.11 value!)

11.11 Unified Virtual Experience Watch Party includes:

~Virtual screening of the documentary film “Kiss the Ground”, Starring Woody Harrelson

~Virtual Screening of the documentary film: “The Need to Grow”

~ ALL Virtual Presentations

~ ALL Inspiring Interviews

~ ALL Live-Stream Sessions

~ ALL Panel Discussions

~ Access to Live Zoom Rooms

~ Interactive Chats during Live Streams & Presentations

~ Access Live Content and Replays for 3-months (until 02/11/23)!

We look forward to Seeding our New Earth with you!

Hope you join us for this very special event.