Ascension University

OCTOBER 26 - NOVEMBER 14, 2024

Come home to Egypt with
Anistara Ma Ka, Andrew Kaus, and your Tribe

Let us explore the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, together!

Join us for our 11.11 Unified Sacred Pilgrimage to the Holy Land of Kemet! ​

Brought to you by 11.11 Ascension University and Unknown Egypt Travel!


11.11 Ascension University Sacred Pilgrimage and Mystic Initiation

Come home with your star tribe.
Explore the sacred sites.
Receive your ‘codes’.
Experience the trip of a lifetime!

Take a Peek Inside Our Trip

Day 1: Oct 26 - Arrival to the Sacred Land of Kemet

Private Airport Escort. Our representative will meet and assist you, transfer by A/C vehicle to 5-star accommodation in Giza.

Settle into the tranquil surroundings, allowing the powerful energy of Kemet to envelop you

Begin the day with a group gathering within the Great Pyramid to open up the circle, focusing on setting intentions and creating a sacred space.

We intend to co-create sound healing, vibrational frequencies together, recording our voices toning together within the sacred sound healing chamber of the King’s Chamber.

Return to our resort to engage in activities focused on relaxation, such as; meditation or gentle yoga.

Breakfast and dinner are included

Visit Saqqara, an ancient necropolis, and immerse ourselves in the energy of multiple sacred sites.

Integrate the experiences and energies of the day at the Blue Lotus Sanctuary.

Return to Saqqara for further exploration and connection.

Breakfast and lunch are included.

Start the day with an early morning visit to the Sphinx paws, connecting with the divine energy, as we co-create ceremony above the Hall of Records, tapping into our divine codes left behind to retrieve.

Explore the plateau area and absorb the powerful vibrations.

Time at our resort to integrate and sit with the codes we received, journaling, etc.

Breakfast and lunch are included.

Visit the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) to enrich our understanding of ancient spirituality.

Take a resting period at the hotel to integrate the day's experiences.

Attend a lecture by Gamal, an amazing Reiki and Aromatherapy master, for two hours. You will have the opportunity to purchase home made pure essential oils from Gamal.

Breakfast is included.

Embark on an informative bus ride through the Sahara Desert to Abydos, home of the Temple of Osiris, a sacred pilgrimage site.

Immerse ourselves in the spiritual energy of Abydos.

Breakfast and dinner are included.

Explore the magnificent Abydos Temple, dedicated to Osiris, connecting with its ancient wisdom. This is an 11.11 Codex temple.

Participate in a Zar ceremony, a traditional spiritual ritual for healing and empowerment. This involved eating fermented bread, drumming, dancing and embodiment practices.

Nourish ourselves with breakfast and dinner.

Visit the Dendera Temple complex, dedicated to Hathor. Connecting with the divine feminine energy, with a birthing temple and astrological calendars. This is a 333 Codex Temple.

Journey to Luxor, a sacred site with profound spiritual significance.

Breakfast and dinner are included.

Take a day of relaxation and integration, allowing for personal reflection and rest. inJOY our 5 Star Resort, it’s beautiful gardens, swimming pools and other sites.

In the early evening, visit Luxor Temple to soak in its nighttime atmosphere, as the lights turn on and illuminate this beautiful complex created to emulate the 7 chakras.

The inner sanctum of the heart chakra is a sound healing chamber and the third eye and crown chakra chambers have pillars reminiscent of sacred cactus medicine.

Breakfast is included.

Immerse ourselves in the grandeur of Karnak Temple, connecting with its powerful energies. This is also an 11.11 Codex Temple.

Take some time at the end of the day for some shopping at the local bizarre.

Breakfast is included.

Visit the Temple of Hatshepsut, connecting with the divine feminine energy of this powerful queen. There is a section of the temple dedicated to Hathor, with lots of Ferocious Lion energy. I feel the presence of the Lyrans at this temple site.

Explore an alabaster manufactory, engaging with the creativity and craftsmanship. The family who owns and runs this factory are FUNNY and master craftsmen.

Bbreakfast and lunch are included.

Experience a magical sunrise hot air balloon ride (as an option tour: $120) offering a unique arial perspective of the land.

Visit a jewelry store to appreciate the beauty and symbolism of spiritual adornments. Find your amazing treasures to take home with you for your family and friends.

Embark on a journey aboard a Dahabeya, a traditional Egyptian sailing boat, a gorgeous wooden houseboat to sail the Nile River. Embracing the flow of the Nile, inJOY the beautiful scenery that surrounds us. Sunset over the Nile is especially stunning.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.

Devote the day to rest, relaxation, and personal reflection. We will have the opportunity to gather together, mid day for a deep dive check in and calibrate where we are all at, as a collective. We encourage deep reflection, journaling, meditation, and gentle embodiment practices this day. There may be yoga and other offerings from your peers on the trip.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included.

Visit the sacred site of Edfu and immerse in its powerful energy. Take a horse drawn carriage ride to the temple and experience the magic of this site.

In the evening, enjoy a party on the island, celebrating the journey and connecting with fellow travelers. This is our opportunity to hang out, eat amazing food, dance and fire dance.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner are included.

Explore the spiritual significance of Kom Ombo temple. This temple is dedicated to the the journey from duality into ONEness.

Take ample time for introspection and reflection in this sacred space. Discover the Nile River Meter, the tool used by ancient civilization to determine the water levels of the river so they knew where to plant their crops.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are included.

We exit our boats.

Journey to benben, a place known for its spiritual energy and historical importance.

Check into our hotel for sunset time by the pool.

Breakfast included.


Experience a private access visit to Philae Temple, dedicated to Mother Isis. Allowing for a deeper connection to its spiritual essence.

At the Temple of Isis we will have our private Unification Ceremony, intended to unify us with creator source energy/ our higher selves and one another. You can marry yourself, a partner, or source.

This will be filmed and shared with our 11.11 Unified Virtual Experience. Andrew and I will recommit here, on our 18-year wedding anniversary.

Enjoy a delicious meal and engage in a closing ceremony on Hesa Island, honoring the transformative journey.

Breakfast & Lunch are included.

The remainder of our day will be on an Egyptian Party Boat! Take a majestic motorboat ride, as we immerse ourselves in an enchanting experience of music and vibrations on the water!

This sacred journey will awaken our senses and allow us to embrace the powerful flow of energy that resonates through the rhythmic currents of the Nile. invoking a deep connection to the divine feminine within ourselves.

Attend a lecture by Gamal, an amazing Reiki and Aromatherapy master, for two hours. You will have the opportunity to purchase home made pure essential oils from Gamal.

Breakfast & Dinner provided.

With late check out, inJOY your last morning of relaxation and integration.

Depart for Cairo in the afternoon.

Board our flight to Cairo with a heart full of gratitude and a lifetime of memories. Egypt will always stay with you and illuminate your awakening path!

Breakfast is included.

Now is the time to take action!

This pilgrimage is for:

Awakening souls that hear the call to visit Egypt.

Starseeds that know they’ve experienced past lives there.

Teachers that want to include Egyptian mythology in their teachings.

Guides and coaches that know they can serve others with more knowledge.

Families with children that have always wanted to visit Egypt.

What's included:

We will be co-creating the 11.11 Portal Ceremony, to be Love Streamed, to the 11:11 Unified Portal Gathering Virtual Experience, on 11/11/24!

Accommodation 20 Days / 19 Nights

Two delicious meals a day: Breakfast 19X & Lunch 8x & Dinner 9x

Beverages: Fresh Drinking Water during all ground travel and at every meal, includes ONE non-alcoholic beverage at every meal.

We will have 5 exploratory Zoom calls leading up to our travel together

Ground Transportation on Bus with bathroom and A/C

Sightseeing: - All sightseeing/ Tours of the Sacred Sites/ Museums Admission paid for

Horse carriage to Edfu temple

Domestic Flight Ticket: Aswan to Cairo

Private Escort and Driver to/from Airports

Private access to 3 sites: (Between The Paws of the Sphinx, The Great Pyramid, Isis Temple)

English speaking guides, knowledgable in Khemitology (Ancient Egypt “history)

Tour leader, guiding you through the sites and other sacred ceremony opportunities

All permissions for the program, police protection and escorts.

Personal Security Guard(s) for the group while visiting the sites.

Hot balloon ride Over the West Bank, outside Luxor

Nubian music party, on Pasher island: Catered Meal, music, fire dancing (fuel provided)

Party Boat on the Nile, for our Closing Party, complete with DJs (4 Hours)

Option: Families with Children can have smaller Van, for short distance travel to sites. Children are half price.

Total Value: $11,000 $7,777

You may feel stuck because you...

May be afraid of traveling there.

Think you may not be ready to go.

Wonder if it’s the right time for you

Are concerned that it would be a challenging trip.

You would rather wait because, well, you want to wait.

If you wait any longer you may never make it there.
You could feel regret and remorse for not saying yes to your heart’s desire.
You won’t be a part of the growing community that heard the call and went for it!

Today is the day to change all of that!​

You are ready for this! Stop doubting if it’s time and just do it! You won’t regret it!

Your Tour Guides

Anistara Ma Ka

Mother of 11.11 Unified and Ascension University, commUNITY Creatrix, Visionary Pioneer, Portal Priestess Oracle, Author, Ordained Minister, Mother, Wife

Anistara dedicated to co-creating commUNITY gatherings that are both powerful and impactful. Her 11.11 gatherings celebrates 14 years on 11/11/23, during the Unified Portal Gathering HYBRID Event. Her vision is inspirational and communities around the world are singing up to weave the 11.11 Unified vision together.
Her mission is to co-creatie multi-dimensional experiences, for humanity’s awakening. She is a lover of Mother Gaia and a steward of the New eARTh, bEARTHing creative projects with a ‘Kause’. She is an author, a mentor, a team leader, a ceremonial creatrix, healer & passionate woman on purpose. She has taught at retreats and festivals around the world, for over 2 decades. Her perspective is holistic and spiritual, while also being grounded in science. As a mother and an empath, her shares come from a heart-centered, compassionate place- that is both touching and inspiring.

Rabie Khaled

Founder Of Unknown Egypt Travel, Avid Khemitologist, Father and Husband

Rabie’s passion for Khemitology can be traced back to when he was a child. He was greatly intrigued by Egypt’s architecture, history, and ancient wonders of the world where he lived. As a member of the Syndicate of Egyptian Tour Guides, he specializes in providing a unique spiritual perspective, built from the foundation of Khemetology, Egyptology, cosmology, and Sufism. While guiding spiritual tours has taken him all the World, Rabie is proud to call Cairo, Egypt his home.

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Dec. 14th
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Jan. 11th
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Feb. 8th
Feb. 22nd
Sacred Closing Ceremony: TUESDAY, Feb. 27th, 5-7 p.m.PST

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Ascension Integration Mentor

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Frequently Asked Questions

What times are the classes?

Th 11/09: 5-8 pm PST
F 11/10: 5-8 pm PST
Sa 11/11: 5-8 pm PST

How much time you dedicate to your personal growth and empowerment is totally up to you. You will get out of it how much you put into it. Dedicating 3-4 hours a week will bring you the biggest breakthroughs!

YES- this program is meant for you! We will all meet you where you are on your path and guide you even closer to your highest timeline.

Will this work for me even though I've been awake for some time now?

YES- you may be well on your way to becoming a New Earth Leader, yet, having nurturing support and fierce accountability will help you excel and truly step into your leadership role.

No, this is the level one program, that is a prerequisite for the level two, that will certify you as an Ascension Integration Mentor. Then you can monetize this work and make money being a mentor!

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