Day 1


Thursday, 11/09
@ 5-8 p.m.PST

Unveiling The Higher Mind

Embark on a captivating journey into the realm of the Higher Mind. Discover its mystical properties, its potential for transformation, and techniques to tap into its vast wisdom. Experience the magic within, and elevate your consciousness to new horizons. Join us for this enlightening exploration.

Leaving Thoughtfields and Egregores

We all know how the thought fields and Egregores of family, society, nation, religion etc. can shape our perception of the world and how hard it is to stand as a clear sovereign being in these times. There are thought fields and emotional fields that support us and some that pull energy from us and bind us. Learn more about it and experience a direct exit of a thought field, fear field or other Egregorial field by using the "Waterdrop Technique".

Complete Transmutation Now

"Complete Transmutation" is the very important stage of Ascension that all of us are in now, along with our earth, Mama Gaia. This is an alchemical process that is necessary, before we and the planet can evolve to the next higher vibrational stage of deep "Soul Embodiment". This purification process can be achieved in many ways, which Debra will share, and is typically guided by your Higher Self. You will undergo a deep metamorphosis of every part of your being and life.

Transmutational 5D Breathwork

Breathwork is all the rage right now. No wonder. It is medicine. Literally and the one thing we can't go without. Breathing daily will give you more energy, create cellular regeneration, bring coherence and peace to your mind, flood the body with healing hormones and virus fighting chemistry, and, if you really practice, it can help you gauge your emotional state and bring you into a greater state of presence."

Day 2


Friday, 11/10
@ 5-8 p.m.PST

Integrate Your Higher Self

Embark on a transformative guided journey with Bryan M. Henry. In this experience you will be guided through the process of integrating your Higher Self, leading to the transmutation of outdated patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. As a result of aligning with this higher frequency, you will begin to more powerfully magnetize your desires and embody greater peace, love, joy, and understanding in your daily life.

Wisdom Self Through Awakening

Service, contribution, and mastery arise from knowing the stages of the awakening process and embodying your higher wisdom self throughout. Discover how to navigate wherever you are in this transformational journey, avoiding the common pitfalls, and embracing your changes as you feel empowered to embrace the inner work and next steps toward fulfilling your soul's work. Illuminating discussion and practice.

Peaceful Gratitude

"Peaceful Mind, Peaceful Life" is a special guided meditation session, offering practical exercises, and valuable insights. Embrace the incredible potential of mindfulness and gratitude to unlock a life filled with serenity and joy. Begin your transformation now: discover Inner Serenity and Abundance. In the chaos of modern life, achieving peace and fulfillment may seem distant, but the "Peaceful Mind, Peaceful Life" meditation brings them within reach.

Day 2 Co-Host

Michaelah Ivie joins Anistara in guiding your entire Day 2 experience. Her inspirational energy is contagious. Her years of coaching and motivational speaking will add to this high frequency day as we Awaken Our Inner Avatar!

Day 3


Saturday, 11/11
@10 a.m.-1 p.m.PST

FlowState Emotional Alignment Practice

This presentation will feature an experiential FlowState overview, meditation & Q&A.

FlowState is a practice of meditation to quiet the mind and enter the receiving mode. Then to surrender to the uplifting thoughts & feelings that come naturally and allow that momentum to build.

Simply following this practice can lead to states of ease & joy, crystal clarity, excitement & inspiration for specific actions, raising your vibration & allowing synchronicities to flow more easily to you.

This will be an Abraham-Hicks inspired session to help you get into your own FlowState for optimal happiness, health, productivity, & harmony.

No Holding Back

Neil will discuss the reason why now is the time to fully integrate and embody your life purpose as we move into a new epoch of awakening on Earth. He will speak on the cycles of time and its correlation to the shifting energy; providing insight on what is happening in the cosmos to assist in this awakening. There will be a time when humanity collectively awakens and those who are watching this event are the pioneers and teachers of a new paradigm. There is no holding back or time to teeter back and forth about embracing you who truly are.

Ascend to Prosperity Consciousness

Abundance is our birthright. We are here to live in peace and prosperity. Join Tanjila for this Activity of Light to transmute the energies that limit our abundance and fully embrace our Divine Birthright of Prosperity & Abundance.

Shamanic Alchemy & The Hieros Gamos

The Planetary Hieros Gamos is an INCREDIBLE SACRED TECHNOLOGY and ALCHEMICAL transmission that delivers a Creative Genius activation and SUPER-EMPOWERED Liberation from multi-generational Programming/Ancestral Trauma, Fractured Pain-Body Timelines, and Psychic Miasms/Disembodied Attack etc. This is enabled or awakened by infusing one's PEARL called the archetypal ‘ARC OF GRACE’ as a flow state from the Shamanic QUANTUM Field known as life's “MOTHER/FATHER SOURCE Code."

This unified 144 Lightbody Restoration, bio-spiritual Ascension's Soul Circuitry re-wires and births a “trinitized energy field upgrade”, generating the “ultimate LOVE of synthesized coherence” and a permanent Tri-Wave healing gift for humanity's ancient splits in our collective ancestry's Family Line TREE. This ORIGINAL Great Marriage is the Grace-filled antidote that heralds our destined Golden Age of Gaia's through the miraculous rewiring of separation back to DIVINE UNION.

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