"Co-Creating & Supporting
Kauses in the World"

Kause Kreations is a 'Project of Transdimensional Illumination 501(c)3'.

Kause Kreations was birthed in 2004, when Alex and Allyson Grey asked me, Kandice (aka Anistara) and my devoted partner/husband, Andrew Kaus,
to host a fundraising event for the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors,
introducing them and their work to the Los Angeles community.  
This event was hosted at the old Hollywood Athletic Club and was called “ONE”!


Back then, we called our production company
Kaos Kreations: “From Kaos Comes Order”. 

Through the years, Andrew adopted the name for his own handyman business and changed the name to match our last name KAUS, adding an “E” to the end of it, to be Kause Kreations.


In 2019, when I visioned our 11.11 gatherings growing, from our live events into a virtual event, we evolved his handyman business name into our event production project name. 


Because a large part of our mission is to create causes that people will support, as well as support causes that we are inspired by, we thought it prayerfect to continue the tradition of utilizing our family name, with the pun intended. 


Therefore, Kause Kreations has truly taken form and grown.


Notes about our logo Kreation:

I had a dream one night and awoke, reaching for my journal.
I quickly jotted down some notes and scribbled out the rough scetch of the logo you see above.
My legal name is Kandice Anistara Korves-Kaus (KAKK),
My husband is Andrew Mason Kaus (AMK),
our son Kadence Alturas Kaus (KAK),
all with similar initials, I drew out a glyph that had all of our initials contained within it.
I also began to see that not only was it a backwards facing “K” and a forward facing “K”,
but it created a white diamond in the center.
Fully aligned, the logo was born!