Transdimensional illumination 501(c)3

"Co-Creating Multi-Dimensional Experiences for our Awakening"

Our Mission

✨To be in service to humanity’s awakening.
✨To collaborate with insightful, inspiring and impactful visionary pioneers and awakened leaders, Co-Creating our New bEARTH, together!

Anistara Ma Ka here, Mother of 11.11 Unified, Executive Director of Transdimensional Illumination, Lead Producer of Kause Kreations, wanting to share the story of how our non-profit came to be.

We were “GIFTED” the non-profit by my brother in spirit, Joyous Heart. He understood my personal life mission and the bigger vision of what we wanted to co-create with our commUNITY. He just happened to have this non-profit (Transdimensional Illumination), sitting dormant for some time and being supportive of what we were envisioning, he offered to transfer it to us.

It was birthed in June, almost 30 years ago, so this seasoned organization is a Gemini (just as I am)! The original charter was ” To Educate Others about their Multi-Dimensionality”.

Transdimensional Illumination was officially transferred to our core Dream Team on 12/21/2020!

Talk about alignment!

We then evolved the charter to: “Co-Creating Multi-Dimensioinal Experiences for our Awakening”!

The non-profit is our umbrella organization, over all of our philanthropic projects!

~11.11 Unified Network and 11.11 Unified Virtual Experience~

Are projects of TI, as these are our vehicles for sharing high frequency information globally!

Kause Kreations

Our production company, is a project of TI, as we raise funds for various ‘Kauses”.

Joy Oasis

Our newly founded private retreat center in Occidental, CA, is a project of TI, as it is an event space for commUNITY projects.

If you feel called to support our Mission and Vision, please consider DONATING to Transdimensional Illumination.

Every little bit helps keep us afloat and gives us fuel, to continue sharing our offerings with the world! Deep bow of appreciation for your contribution!