✪ Offering our annual 11.11 Unified Virtual Experience
✪ Collaborating with other 11.11 events/gatherings
✪ Co-creating a global web of conscious commUNITY
✪ Supporting causes that create impactful results
✪ Discovering the magic that 11.11 has to offer

✪ Be a part of a global commUNITY of changemakers
✪ Discover personal development practices for yourself
✪ Learn Practical (daily) tools for awakening and regeneration of our planet and ourselves
✪ Cultivate coherence in commUNITY
✪ Be a part of SOULutions that benefit humanity


Artwork by Autumn Skye

Anistara's Invitation to Seed Our New Earth, together!

The Global Summit Continues!

Uniting thought leaders to regenerate our planet and  make a positive impact on humanity!

We are stewarding our New Earth for our shared evolution!

Raising awareness and funds for Kiss the Ground 501(c)3, 
supporting the regeneration movement!

Brought to you by Kause Kreations, a project of Transdimensional Illumination 501(c)3!

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11.11 Unified Network Vision Video

Please note: This inspirational and impactful video (below) was filmed in 2020. 

Even though we have transitioned from our original name of 11.11 Unify to 11.11 Unified, the vision remains the same.

11.11 Unified Network Portal Gatherings is committed to offering quality experiences for humanity's awakening!

Our Future Vision includes “11.11 live local events” around the globe & connecting them, virtually!
Including Sacred Pilgrimages to Sacred Sites, reactivating our Planetary Grid, opening the portals of Gaia on 11/11, anually.

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Partners and Sponsors

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Deep bow of gratitude to our 2022 Network Partners and Sponsors! We will be co-creating with many of the same organizations and some incredible new ones as well- will you be one of them?

Here are our 2022
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✨ Non-profit Specialist

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✨ Pro Bono Legal Services

This is Anistara’s (Mother of 11.11 Unify) favorite, as it depicts our collaborative vision so perfectly! This impeccable piece was created by Autumn Skye!

These Core Values and Guiding Principles Are Our North Star

11.11 University:
Mystic Initiation, Sacred Pilgrimage and Joint Research Expedition to Egypt

SAVE THE DATE: October 26 - November 14 2024

Let us explore the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, together!

Join us for our 11.11 Unify Sacred Pilgrimage and Joint Research Expedition to the Holy Land of Kemet! Brought to you by 11.11 Unified Portal Gatherings and Unknown Egypt Travel!

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11.11 Unified Portal Gatherings A project of “Transdimensional Illumination” 501(c)3

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Are you ready to BE the change?

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